Arrival on the motorway

Weimar , situated in the center of Thuringia , can easily be reached on the motorway A4.
Leaving the motorway exit Weimar, you pass through the village of Gelmeroda. Keep on going straight on Berkaer Strasse, thereby entering the south of Weimar.
Following the sign of City of Weimar, go straight on pass the first traffic lights crossing, until you reach a T-junction with traffic lights (Berkaer Strasse joining with Belvederer Allee).
Turn left and keep going downtown on main street (Steubenstrasse). Follow signpost City of Erfurt (Route B7) until main street turns right. After 150 metres Main street turns left. Get into right lane immediatly and turn right.
You will thereby go pass the back of Nationaltheater. Now stay on Heinrich Heine Strasse .
After approximately 400 metres you will reach a major amplecrossing.
Turn right again, keep on Friedensstrasse until you reach the next traffic lights crossing. Strait ahead you will reach our street Am Kirschberg.
Our house is the third on the left-hand side.

Arrival by train

Leave main station Weimar go downhill Carl August Allee, go pass "Neues Museum" and "Gauforum" on your left hand side until you reach traffic lights crossing Friedensstrasse.
Turn left and follow Friedensstrasse, thereby passing the shopping mall Weimar-Atrium.
Cross traffic lights and go strait on and you will reach our street "Am Kirschberg".
Our house is the third on the left-hand side.