pickups & amplification

TonabnehmerThere are several possibilities of amplifying a guitar, depending on the intended purpose.

Here is a brief summary of the different systems.



The sound quality of a good microphone is unsurpassed. Unfortunately, they tend to cause feedback quite easily, especially on stage. For recordings they are first choice.

piezo pickup´s and sensors

These are the most common pickup´s. They are installed underneath the bridge saddle anf therefore invisible. They are less sensitive to feedback problems and more suitable for applications where higher volume is needed, especially on stage. Some piezo´s sound a little bit synthetical.

electromagnetic pickup´s

 They only work on steel string guitars. Feedback problems are also less likely to occur than with microphones. The sound quality depends greatly on the chosen brand and model.

Another pickup option are microphone-like foils, to be installed like piezos, but more naturally sounding.


My favorite brands are www.fishman.com and www.b-band.com  Other brands available, too.